At Taracea we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and have established defined preservation efforts. We are a fully integrated operation; we own most of the land and forests from where our woods are obtained and maintain complete control over our environmental practices.

To ensure that our impact on the environment is always a positive one, especially when dealing with exotic species, we enforce three key ideals:

Recovered lumber
We’re creating unique furniture by recovering fallen logs without damaging their natural ecosystems, a complicated but rewarding job that allows us to rescue natural elements that would otherwise be wasted.

Reclaimed lumber
There's a certain beauty that only time can create and at Taracea we're aware of this, that is why we take on the task of recovering wood beams, antique furniture, barn parts, old villa floors, railroad ties and the countless other uses of wood throughout the years. For us, these are unique raw materials that allow us to generate new expressions with a special character that couldn't be obtained in any other way.

This is the most important way of guaranteeing a future where trees and their environment are not threatened. We own and manage plantations in Latin America and have responsible long-term usage and reforestation plans set in motion.

These three R’s are at the foundation of our company and are present in our every day business activities.